Vietnamese PT-76s on exercise.

Throughout the history of warfare, rivers and lakes have impeded an army’s mobility. This is particularly problematic for tanks which are heavier than most military vehicles. When existing bridges capable of supporting tanks are destroyed or too heavily defended to be worth the risk of assaulting directly, alternative water crossing…

Soviet Mi-8MT dropping off Spetsnaz in Afghanistan. (

A Biography of the World’s Second Most Produced Helicopter

Although tougher to master and less graceful in bearing than fixed wing airplanes, helicopters comfortably hold their own in the public perception and popular culture. The Bell H-13 Sioux scout won recognition as an aerial ambulance in the Korean War drama…

A nimble reconnaissance asset and carrier of the Soviets’ first generation guided missiles

BRDM-2 making use of its trench crossing wheels. (

If you were to ask the average Joe or Jane Public what first comes to mind when naming a reconnaissance platform or method, ‘drones’, ‘special forces’, ‘spy satellites’ and ‘recon team’ will dominate the answers. More knowledgeable…

Exploring the Career of the MT-LB multipurpose artillery tractor and the MT-LBu command utility vehicle.

Image by Twitter

Located 185 km (115 miles) south of Murmansk, Apatity (population 55200) does not usually stand out as a tourist destination for non-Russian travellers. Along with a Geological Museum and scientific institutes dedicated to studying the…

A Soviet PK gunner on exercise alongside a BMP-1 equipped motor rifle infantry squad, presumably in the 1960s.

Kalashnikov’s Machine Gun Almost Matches the AK Rifle in Global Reach and Emulation

The PK family of general purpose machine guns have been an enduring presence in armed violence around the world and have been copied in diverse forms. Beginning its career in the Soviet Army in 1961, PKs are…

An F-84G preparing for take off in Korea. (National Museum of the US Air Force)

Designed by Republic Aviation Corporation engineer Alex Kartveli — progenitor of the P-47 Thunderbolt — the F-84 Thunderjet became the US Air Force’s second operational jet fighter but the first to enter service after World War 2. Overshadowed by the debonair F-86 Sabre during the Korean War and dubbed The…

Au-Yeong Soong-Kong

Dysfunctional middle aged man. Biographer on weapons of death.

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