At the Dawn of the Jet Age, the F-84 Thunderjet was a Rumbling Presence

An F-84G preparing for take off in Korea. (National Museum of the US Air Force)
Thunderjet ground crews often serviced their wards in frigid temperatures in the Korean theatre. (NMUSAF)
F-84F Thunderstreaks of the Missouri ANG in formation. (Yanks Air Museum)
F-84Fs were the second aircraft to serve the Thunderbirds aerial display team after the F-84G. (USAF)
RF-84F Thunderflash in Luftwaffe service. (
An EF-84E attaching to its B-36 mothership during FICON trials. After serving as the prototype for the F-84F Thunderstreak, EF-84Es were modified for FICON before the specially produed RF-84K. (NMUSAF)
EF-84E Thunderjet blasting off during ZELMAL trials. (Wikipedia)

Dysfunctional middle aged man. Biographer on weapons of death.

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