We Need to Talk About the PK Machine Gun

A Soviet PK gunner on exercise alongside a BMP-1 equipped motor rifle infantry squad, presumably in the 1960s.
Apprehensive Georgian soldiers during the 2008 South Ossetia war. (Xinhua/Reuters)
Syrian militiaman cutting loose using the quick change barrel’s grip to support his PKM. (Imgur)
Taliban fighters putting on a show of strength. The PK’s light weight gives them a dismounted mobility advantage over ISAF and Pakistani infantry equipped with the heavier MAG, M240 and MG3. (AP)
Kurdish Peshmerga militia advancing towards the liberation of Mosul, Iraq in 2014. (TRTWorld)
Zastava M84 at Tank Fest 2013, Bovington Tank Museum. (Author’s photo)
A US Marine trying his hand at a PKM, which is considerably lighter than the American issue M240. (Wikipedia)

Dysfunctional middle aged man. Biographer on weapons of death.

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